Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a walk through our yard

i  love summer and all the flowers that are in bloom. i love looking at all the beautiful gardens that are so full of gorgeous flowers. it is easy to think that you can just go out and plant a beautiful garden but it really isn’t that easy. it takes several years for everything to mature and fill in. today i thought i would show you a few glimpses of what is blooming here around my yard.

red dahlia

these beautiful dahlias were marked down at our local lowes for .50 each. they were so sad looking when i first got them but i brought them home and gave them some loving care and a little deadheading. they are all in bloom now and are so lovely…all 14 of them. i couldn’t leave any of them behind. :)

white phlox "david"shasta daisy

my newest flower addition is the white phlox. they are tall and in full bloom. if you can’t tell i do have a theme going on of red and white flowers with some blue flowers in the mixture. blue flowers are so hard to find in a true blue form. i simply love the way white and red look with the green leaves and then dark brown mulch that i use. the other flower is the white shasta daisy. a simple yet beautiful flower.

butterfly bush

one of the newest additions this year is the butterfly bush. this flower is a huge attracter for the butterflies and bees. they are all over these plants and speaking of bees…..we had a little bee business going on yesterday and that of course led to a little science lesson for my children.

mating beesmating bees

have a blessed day!

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