Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dissecting Owl Pellets

As a first time homeschool mother with four children this year hasn't been all that I had hoped it would be. It has been an adjustment to get used to being the teacher everyday and trying to get things done with two little ones in the home still. Thankfully with homeschool we can be flexible. One of the things that we have enjoyed doing this year is dissecting owl pellets.
 Where we attend church we have owls and of course there is owl pellets everywhere. So we have been gathering them up and have plenty of them to dissect. Our oldest son loved doing this but our daughter was a little more along the lines of "yuck"!
 It is very interesting to pick apart the hair and feathers and carefully pull out all of the bones. We pulled up a chart and was able to identify some of the bones.

Life has been very busy and we have a lot going on that I will share in the future. It has been a rewarding year even though it has had some rough moments. I really am enjoying having the children home and being able to learn along with them.


  1. I'm with Naomi... YUCK! (but it was kinda interesting!)

  2. Haven't looked at your blog in ages but what an interesting post! owl pellets?!! I'm sure homeschooling is challenging but the flexibility for your family must be great.


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