Saturday, June 9, 2012

cedar log raised garden bed

I have been gardening at my inlaws house and have a rather large area but they live about 20 minutes away. I love to garden and would enjoy having something here at our home so my dear husband got busy. We have some land that he cut a few cedar logs off of and brought them home to build me raised beds. I am so excited!! I have two so far but the plan is to put one more in. They are 4x10 foot beds and with them being raised beds I am able to plant so much more in them compared to a traditional garden.

raised cedar log garden beds
                                                                                               (cell phone picture)

My dear husband put so much work into these and I truly love them. They are easy to work around and I told him the other day that I didn’t know if I ever wanted to go back to the traditional large garden area. I am loving the ease of raised beds. Our cost to build them…free….other than the sweat and labor we put into them.

raised cedar log garden bedsraised cedar log garden beds

I was also very blessed to get two large truckloads of compost for free. Our town offers free compost twice a year from all the tree limbs and such that they compost all year. I mixed the compost with some garden soil and I now have a very soft loose dirt mixture. It didn’t take long for me to get busy planting vegetables.


Of course my garden area here is getting a much later start than most people already have but there was a plus side to that as well. I bought my tomato and pepper plants at a huge discount compared to what they originally were. Everything has been in the ground 5 days and has really taken off.


I planted this summer squash on Tuesday the 5th of June and it is already all poking up through the ground. I also have several green beans just below the dirt surface. I found it so interesting this morning that only one of these squash plants were poking through the ground this morning. We left to go to do some work at the farm and when we came back all of them had come up. I guess they all appreciated the drink of water that they received this morning. I have seen on pinterest where they grow squash in an upside down tomato cage and that is what I will be trying with ours this year. I am hoping for great success.

Happy gardening!

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