Sunday, June 17, 2012

fathers day

no better way to start fathers day than spending the day in church as a family and hearing snippets of my husbands sermon while taking care of several little ones in the nursery. i am so blessed to be married to a Godly man who loves me and cherishes me. i am also so blessed to have him as the father of our children.


our children are blessed to have him as their father. he loves them and provides for them. he builds tree swings and gives great underdog pushes. he teaches them how to hunt and all about things in nature. he reads stories and takes them for ice cream treats. he does one on one time with them. our children adore their father. the list could go on forever as to what he does for them but i hope that more than anything they grow up to realize what a great example he was to them and how he showed them the love of God in every day moments.


my dear husband. there are no words in this world to say what you mean to our family. you are the rock that we lean on. the man that we look to for protection. the strong arm that we can cry on. the provider for our family. the great adventurer. the one who makes us laugh when we are mad. the one who brings joy to our days. thank you for all that you are and all that God has created you to be. early in our marriage i dreamed of being a mommy to some precious child and yet here we are today with four beautiful children. thank you for all four of these amazing gifts. i pray that God continues to guide you in being a Godly father to our children. thank you for what you do. we all love and adore you.


happy fathers day!

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