Saturday, May 19, 2012

weekend finds

yard sales are like a big ole’ treasure hunt to me. i love to go early and i love a great deal! sometimes things are way overpriced or at least they are for me. today was a great yard sale day at one of my favorite subdivisions. they do a yearly yard sale that starts at 6 am but trust me when i tell you that if you aren’t there by 5:30 scoping things out then you will miss out on things. i was there early and still managed to miss one yard sale that sold some very old wooden utensils and galvanized buckets but i still walked away with some great stuff.

solar yard lights

i purchased eight of these solar yard lights for a $1.00. they were all thrown in a five gallon bucket with a price tag that said $1.00 but i couldn’t believe that they really wanted that price for all of them but sure enough they did. they make a great addition to my front flower bed. see that little minnow bucket behind the first light? that little treasure cost me a quarter. :)

galvanized can

this galvanized container set me back a dollar but i also scored some free wood at the yard sale that will be used for a great project around the home. can’t go wrong with free wood!

vintage coca cola boxes

the same yard sale that had the yard lights for $1.00 also had these great old wooden coke containers for $1.00. you can bet i snatched them up in a heartbeat. i love the colors and the worn faded look. how i wish i could still buy a coke from out of one of these.

vintage ball mason salt and pepper shakers

my sweetest find of the day that i love most would be these little ball mason jar salt and pepper shakers. how cute are they? everyone that knows me would tell you that i dearly love old mason jars so i was thrilled to add this to my collection. the price tag on these was a great deal at only fifty cents. i am afraid if i keep collecting i am going to run out of room in my home but that will give me a great reason to open my own little shop someday.

do you enjoy yard sales? what great finds have you found?

have a blessed day!

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  1. Loved seeing what you found, Sarah! I love going to yard sales, church sales, thrift stores, etc.


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