Wednesday, July 18, 2012

shuckin’ corn

i don’t know about you but i sure love summer and all the things about summer. okay so maybe the heat is the only exception especially when it is over a 100 degrees but i am thankful that those days seem to be over for now. i also love going to the farmers market and we have some of the best sweet corn sold at our farmers market. seriously, you have to get there early if you want in on the corn.


can you guess what else i love about summer? how about these barefoot, corn shuckin’ beauties! they love eating corn on the cob and boy howdy let me tell you what! they can flat out do some serious corn shuckin’.



what is better than eating corn on the cob? how about eating corn on the cob outside? that is exactly what we done. took our meal outside and enjoyed a feast of homemade sloppy joes and fresh corn on the cob smeared in real butter. yum! yum!


it has been such a wonderful summer so far and i have enjoyed being with my family so much. i am beyond blessed to have these guys around me everyday and what an honor to hear their sweet voices each day. as a family huge changes are on the horizons for us and so i am soaking up every moment of togetherness that we have. i am off here….my sweet husband has a date night planned out and it is a surprise for me.

have a blessed day!


  1. Just found your website and I'm in love! Do you have a facebook page? I would love to follow you there, too!
    ~Diana from


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