Thursday, May 3, 2012

clothesline flowerbed

I have the mentality that if I am going to have to work that I might as well make it enjoyable. One of the daily household chores for a family of 6 is laundry. Lots of laundry! By choice I do not have a dryer. It is one of those things that I have learned to live without and I don’t even miss it. It saves money on the electric bill and of course I don’t have to buy dryer sheets. Love it!


My dear husband finally got around to putting up my metal clothesline poles the other day and I was sure appreciative. For the longest time I have just had the clothes tied around a couple of big trees. It worked okay but with the huge trees my clothes stayed in the shade almost all the time and took longer to dry.


Once the poles were in the ground I decided that a little bit of beauty needed to be added to the area. Once again my dear husband helped dig the spot out and then I got busy planting. When I am in the kitchen doing dishes or working this is the view from my kitchen window. I get to watch the clothes dry in the breeze and watch the butterflies and hummingbirds drop in for a visit.


For me it is the little things in life like flowers that bring beauty and joy to the everyday task. I love being a stay at home mother who gets to enjoy the love from my children everyday and the beauty that surrounds me.

Have a blessed day!

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