Sunday, May 6, 2012

05/06/2012 daily life

What a hot weekend for the beginning of May. We loaded up Friday evening and spent the evening at the farm. Enjoyed dinner with the family and it was an early evening of going to bed. Early evening to bed means an early morning rise and early it was for me. I laid in bed waiting a bit for the rest of the crew to rise. Once everyone was up it was time for breakfast and then it was out the door for a day of work in the garden and around the farm.

Considering that I only get down to the farm once a week to work on the garden things aren’t looking to bad. I had gone down this past Tuesday after learning that I had been invaded by a very unwanted enemy bug called the Colorado Potato Bug. I am trying to garden as organically as I can and therefore the best option for preventing these unwanted bugs is hand picking. I picked twice on Saturday but didn’t get near as many as I had on Tuesday. I am thinking my efforts are working. Thankfully the garden is also full of lots of beautiful wonderful ladybugs and that is yet another reason that I don’t want to use any chemicals. I don’t want to take the risk of killing them along with the gorgeous butterflies that are out which I hope to capture soon on my camera.
colorado potato beetlelady bug

The children are very curious as to what is growing in the garden and all the various bugs. A few of our children enjoy picking the bugs off the plants and asking lots of questions. One of them just so happens to be the little beauty pictured below in her dress that she managed to get dirt on first thing, barn boots and a hat to protect her little head and face from the hot sun. I can’t express the joy that I feel to have my little ones in the garden with me and learning about all the various things that they do. I am a very blessed mother.

I am also very blessed to have an amazing husband that does the cultivating and tilling in this garden. Once he is done helping me he usually is off to work in another area of the yard. This is his parents land and they have been very gracious to allow us to use this garden area. My husband helps with the yard work and is currently clearing a path down to the creek that borders their property. The plan is eventually clear it out and put large stones in as stairs so that the creek is easy to access. The cool creek will feel good after a long hard day in the hot sun.

Have a blessed day!

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