Wednesday, April 4, 2012

creating my junk garden


I have been working on creating a more appealing space in a large flower bed that is located right under our big picture window. We currently have our home up for sale and I really want to be able to take my plants with me when I leave. When I purchase flowers I almost make sure to get perennials and this year I decided to put everything in containers.


I have found my many galvanized buckets at yard sales, auctions and several others small flea markets stores. Some of them already have holes in the bottoms but if they don’t I make sure that I put a few so that the water doesn’t just sit in the bottom of the container.


Some of the containers have special meaning to me. I have both of the washtubs that my grandmother used and the washtubs that my husbands grandmother used. A wooden work bench was built by great uncle and there is an old wagon frame that belonged to a dear friend of the family.


I have started to incooperate a few bird houses and have plans for a few more feeders and a bird bath. I love sitting by the window and watching the birds eat and hearing them sing. I also want to try and plant flowers that the butterflies will enjoy.


Pansies are one a very beautiful annual that I do enjoy planting. They are easy to care for and I love the colors. I have several empty wood boxes and large wash tubs containers to fill still but I am planning to plant small raised beds for lettuce and maybe some herbs.


Our 4th grade daughter brought home this River Birch tree that we have started in this galvanized washtub. We don’t want to plant it in the ground at our current location so we will replant it at a later time. She was very excited to be one of the children chosen to get a tree for Arbor Day. I am thankful that spring is here and everything is in bloom.

Have a blessed day!

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