Monday, March 12, 2012

in the garden

I got a good taste of gardening last year when I put out just a few raised beds around my home. I live in town and we aren’t real keen on the idea of digging up our yard to plant a large garden. So this year we decided to put a garden at my in-laws home in the country. We spent almost all day Saturday preparing the ground. Lots of plowing and lots of tilling. It has been awhile since this garden spot has been used. It has a lot of family history as it is the spot that my husbands grandfather grew up growing a garden in.



Our children enjoy being outside and seemed to have a lot of fun running around in the freshly tilled ground. There were wild onions or garlic growing in the garden spot and our oldest son enjoyed spending time picking up all of those.


Over all it was a beautiful day to be outside and be working. I am excited about having a large garden this year. There is something wonderful about knowing that you worked hard all summer for those vegetables that we can enjoy throughout the fall and winter.


Have a blessed day!

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